Pargo (Snapper)

True Red Snapper or Huachinango

Pargo (snapper) are extremely fun to catch. They can grow to upwards of sixty pounds and they inhabit the same reefy structure as Cabrilla. There are many opportunities to get them here. Pargo are fished the same way as Cabrilla, and they take bait, lure and fly in a similar way except they hit harder and run a whole lot stronger. They will try and escape into the rocks and wait you out if you aren’t on the ball. Smaller pargo won’t require a thick leader but the big ones will to resist abrasion on the rocks. Pargo will hit flies fished deep and riding just above the rocks. We will usually catch them from three to twenty pounds on the fly. Like the Cabrilla, they are opportunistic feeders. Generally the take is hard and well below the surface. Some Pargo are born and raised in nurseries in the estuaries. These mini Pargo are very fun to catch on light tackle like a 5WT. Generally they grow up and leave for bigger water but some will stay longer, and these are very rewarding to catch. Cast into the mangroves and you’ll feel a hard hit, the fish will run for the submerged roots and if you aren’t paying attention he’ll lose you there. If you can keep up with him, you’ll have a nice prize as they can get up to ten pounds in ‘groves, and what a way to land them! We catch several species of pargo off Loreto and here are a few other examples:

Barred Pargo

Pacific Cubera Snapper or Dog Toothed Snapper

The rare looking red-bellied, orange-eyed, olive-yellow snapper

Rose snapper